That which we feel in our veins ..in the wind…in the night whispers….its the only thing that we never speak of…yet it is like a voice of the voiceless mother nature .We need to give credit to the way nature has made us …in a way that we feel all that is around yet we never get the chance to talk about it….we always snob mother nature…Poetry the only place where non living and living get a chance to talk to each other an feel ..they have a mutual understanding that cannot be experienced even between lovers…a understand that even human beings who never ever care about it will never get a chance to breath it ..or feel it unless we take in poetry like we breath oxygen…Poetry can express the feelings of even the people or things we never consider in our day to day activities….for example..the poor homeless person seated next to your stair .at  that corner on that corridor you always avoid…next to the dogs and cats as homeless as he who always feed on the rotten  food  salvaged from the garbage bin  in front of your beautiful lawn ed garden…his feelings can be expressed in a vibrant manner…you can fee his joy .his pain using poetry….