The more I look around the more I wonder who is going to make the change we all so desire to see.It breaks my heart whenever people make promises and never take a look at them and TRY to commit to them.What happened to human instincts that differentiate us to animals?What happened to humanity? The act of being kind and accountable to the words we say?Maybe am over thinking this  too much but its not like i have an option.Its a disgrace to call yourself a living being if you cant even  give something as priceless as a smile to a stranger.I know that probably most will say..but oohh i had a bad day..oooh what if he or she takes it the wrong way…what if…blablabla empty talk.PRACTICE HUMANITY IF YOU DESIRE THE CHANGE YOU TALK ABOUT AS MUCH AS YOU BREATHE. This is what should be pounding in our heads every time we talk of peace love and unity,unfortunately those words being  the core of my national anthem it doesn’t  mean anything to most who say it.Greed is all I see in those who utter those words and claim that they are up to changing the world .We all know charity begins at home but it doesn’t END THERE.Think about first(actually this phrase is for anyone in power) changing your home(oops you already did that with the lots of illegally amassed wealth so practically I mean country),before you start bluffing about changing the world.Damn how i get pissed of by people who are like a double edged sword…unfortunately man is to error so I am a bit tongue tied on whether its one the weakness of man to always commit the same mistake more than once .That will totally make us FOOLS.The change starts with you,with me.The spirit change is in all of us(I hope) and we all know it is.We just have to take a step of courage and act on it(something which most of us are afraid of even me perhaps..)Am hoping this word will be shared all needs to be read by most .We totally require that change even though we all think only those in power(am a victim of being that stereotype) we all have the power to influence them in one way or another.Just that one step of looking in the mirror and scrutinizing what you see is the first step of courage.The second we all have to think of since everyone has a different path to follow.


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  1. kaywill112 · April 2, 2015

    This post is akin to one of my own.. I like it..

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