I always wonder whenever a producer comes up with a movie ,they make the trailer look so amazing that you cant wait for the movie .Wait till the movie comes out you will wonder what happened to the story line more so the graphics are so boring you end up crying and feeling mercy for yourself .At times it all reflects the management and organisation of the people involved in it.I mean how can you accept to take part in a movie that you know will have almost no views.Trying not to point fingers take for example, Hercules which  had an awesome trailer ..twas so  amazing looking at it that  i prayed for the real movie to even come out as soon as possible.Damn i almost cursed myself after  watching it….what the hell happened….I was really disappointed in myself i really should have just continued watching one piece or legend of korra my favorite animations.Leaving that to that what happened to guardians of the galaxy there was completely no difference in the camera copy and the real movie.Seriously there is always that need to keep our hopes and expectations high when making the trailer but there is no need to give us a big fall in our spirits when the movie comes out.Am from Kenya and I know our movies are not those you can sit down to watch …and that is why i always look up to those countries that have amazing movies …whose government knows to invest on talents of the young,youth and old as well.Instead of me wasting me time only to hate movies ..i better watch my anime…warn us in advance


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