ask me to…

Ask me to write you a song,

though it wont be long,

I know that it may be wrong,

In places you find do not belong,

to the places they are supposed to be,

coz thats how its supposed to be ,

cmon we are all human.

Ask me to write you a letter,

Even if the season is wetter,

I know i will write better,

than the latter letter,

coz in my palms I read your thoughts,

And i know to capture your deepest thoughts ,

and i can put it in paper


Ask me to lull you to sleep,

coz i will not do it with a whip,

I will lull you with a touching lull song,

That will not need a gong,

Only our voices required,

To form a choir,to form a choir,

and we will merge like a vocalist and piano man,

with our melodious tunes.

Ask me to tell you whats in my heart,

and you will see that i rarely hurt,

Even when the cut seems too deep ,

I will only weep,

and smile with you for a while,

Then declare the sad chapter a closed file,

Never to open again.

Ask me about my temper,

and you will realise that i have a short temper,

But that will do no harm,

To those who are as sweet as hum,

or maybe as my mum,

I will tell you of my short lived anger,

That cannot last without hunger.

Ask me all ,

and you will know my whole,

I will not leave a pothole,


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