Everything that happens is as a result of our own making. Am not a believer in Karma so don’t get me wrong when I also say that whatever happens in the future happens at that time…Because it is supposed to happen that time. Am also not a believer of coincidence so when we meet it was cause of our own making…I don’t believe in luck but what I really believe in is working smart and working in unity. Yeah it’s always hard to work in a group yap it is..But if you have common interests its always easy to get what you want how you want it and where you do cause all that is in your own hands. One can’t stop the clock but the brave ones always find a way of slowing it down…Especially when one needs that time to be alone and think…alone from friends, family, lovers …or anything that might distort the thinking of the human brain. That moment when all you want to think about is yourself only you with no troubles and be free like a bird soaring in the sky…Up there where you feel the sky and wind brushing your shoulders..Comforting you as a mother comforts the kid…As the warmth of the sun feels your skin bright in the morning…oh my! How comforting it feels. You need not to look for that peace far away..It is from within..From your left side of the lungs..Beneath the ribs …if you put your hands on the left side of your chest you will feel the waves moving towards you from the core of the heart where passion flows from. Everything comes from there…From where you feel like it’s you..It comes from within..Every breath you take every step you make depends on what you feel from your heart. You have to believe in yourself and in all you stand for don’t let any man make you feel any lesser than you are…Because you are a believer a strong believer for your cause no matter what it is…Even if it leads you next to downfall but not into have a heart as brave as a lion so why let your dreams be tamed…


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