They say what breaks heart is love…friendship …family. But what really breaks it is taking away its dream no matter what it is. My dreams are valid they all say…but what are dreams. Dreams are those that make you not to sleep and not those you see in your sleep .Many confuse the two and think they are actually the same thing. But looking at it critically you find that no…the sentence has two meanings…parents or guardians play a key role in nurturing the growth  of either talent or passion….we have to take keen interest in knowing the talent our friends, relatives and anyone who is next to us especially when they are kids their main key interests in life and help them develop a passionate lasting liking towards what they want to do about it . A  child’s life s like a butterfly in your hands…if you squeeze too much it will die. And when moderate pressure is kept upon it it lives….but when the hand is open it will fly in any way it feels like ….I t is onto us to guide them. They are the future generation in the making.


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