remember me sir

Remember me sir,

As you set my paper,

Do you know how it feels,

To peruse through your exercise book,

Then understand nothing when the exams come,

and have terrible results …..

Dear sir please remember me,

As you sit in your office,

and set that traumatizing paper,

Consider my plea sir,

Before you ask me to answer with blank lines

in my answer paper


Dear sir,

I accept your questions,

But next time allow me

to set you a paper,

Allow me sir to give you questions that you will find ease in answering,

please sir,

Allow me to set a paper ,

considering your pleas,

Please sir remember me next time.



The more I look around the more I wonder who is going to make the change we all so desire to see.It breaks my heart whenever people make promises and never take a look at them and TRY to commit to them.What happened to human instincts that differentiate us to animals?What happened to humanity? The act of being kind and accountable to the words we say?Maybe am over thinking this  too much but its not like i have an option.Its a disgrace to call yourself a living being if you cant even  give something as priceless as a smile to a stranger.I know that probably most will say..but oohh i had a bad day..oooh what if he or she takes it the wrong way…what if…blablabla empty talk.PRACTICE HUMANITY IF YOU DESIRE THE CHANGE YOU TALK ABOUT AS MUCH AS YOU BREATHE. This is what should be pounding in our heads every time we talk of peace love and unity,unfortunately those words being  the core of my national anthem it doesn’t  mean anything to most who say it.Greed is all I see in those who utter those words and claim that they are up to changing the world .We all know charity begins at home but it doesn’t END THERE.Think about first(actually this phrase is for anyone in power) changing your home(oops you already did that with the lots of illegally amassed wealth so practically I mean country),before you start bluffing about changing the world.Damn how i get pissed of by people who are like a double edged sword…unfortunately man is to error so I am a bit tongue tied on whether its one the weakness of man to always commit the same mistake more than once .That will totally make us FOOLS.The change starts with you,with me.The spirit change is in all of us(I hope) and we all know it is.We just have to take a step of courage and act on it(something which most of us are afraid of even me perhaps..)Am hoping this word will be shared all needs to be read by most .We totally require that change even though we all think only those in power(am a victim of being that stereotype) we all have the power to influence them in one way or another.Just that one step of looking in the mirror and scrutinizing what you see is the first step of courage.The second we all have to think of since everyone has a different path to follow.


I always wonder whenever a producer comes up with a movie ,they make the trailer look so amazing that you cant wait for the movie .Wait till the movie comes out you will wonder what happened to the story line more so the graphics are so boring you end up crying and feeling mercy for yourself .At times it all reflects the management and organisation of the people involved in it.I mean how can you accept to take part in a movie that you know will have almost no views.Trying not to point fingers take for example, Hercules which  had an awesome trailer ..twas so  amazing looking at it that  i prayed for the real movie to even come out as soon as possible.Damn i almost cursed myself after  watching it….what the hell happened….I was really disappointed in myself i really should have just continued watching one piece or legend of korra my favorite animations.Leaving that to that what happened to guardians of the galaxy there was completely no difference in the camera copy and the real movie.Seriously there is always that need to keep our hopes and expectations high when making the trailer but there is no need to give us a big fall in our spirits when the movie comes out.Am from Kenya and I know our movies are not those you can sit down to watch …and that is why i always look up to those countries that have amazing movies …whose government knows to invest on talents of the young,youth and old as well.Instead of me wasting me time only to hate movies ..i better watch my anime…warn us in advance

ask me to…

Ask me to write you a song,

though it wont be long,

I know that it may be wrong,

In places you find do not belong,

to the places they are supposed to be,

coz thats how its supposed to be ,

cmon we are all human.

Ask me to write you a letter,

Even if the season is wetter,

I know i will write better,

than the latter letter,

coz in my palms I read your thoughts,

And i know to capture your deepest thoughts ,

and i can put it in paper


Ask me to lull you to sleep,

coz i will not do it with a whip,

I will lull you with a touching lull song,

That will not need a gong,

Only our voices required,

To form a choir,to form a choir,

and we will merge like a vocalist and piano man,

with our melodious tunes.

Ask me to tell you whats in my heart,

and you will see that i rarely hurt,

Even when the cut seems too deep ,

I will only weep,

and smile with you for a while,

Then declare the sad chapter a closed file,

Never to open again.

Ask me about my temper,

and you will realise that i have a short temper,

But that will do no harm,

To those who are as sweet as hum,

or maybe as my mum,

I will tell you of my short lived anger,

That cannot last without hunger.

Ask me all ,

and you will know my whole,

I will not leave a pothole,

In my solitary cell.

Down on the cold floor I sat,
Facing the rising sun whose
rays were only visible light
in my room,
It had been a long night,
Quite a warm one infact,
on my quarter inch mattress
and half torn blanket,
not to forget the hundred brothers i had on ;bedbugs.

I scratched my open wounds ,
and remembered my life as a political activist,
i remembered my suffering two year old kid
asking questions like how long mummy will take to reach home,
I recalled my long speeches,
They were worth a lot of struggle.

There was no hope in this place ,
No one to turn to,
But yes I had a free mind,
That was not detained,
I knew a time would come,
a time to face reality,
a time to say goodbye
to this life,
and embrace what i truly believe in,
something more than a solitary cell.


Everything that happens is as a result of our own making. Am not a believer in Karma so don’t get me wrong when I also say that whatever happens in the future happens at that time…Because it is supposed to happen that time. Am also not a believer of coincidence so when we meet it was cause of our own making…I don’t believe in luck but what I really believe in is working smart and working in unity. Yeah it’s always hard to work in a group yap it is..But if you have common interests its always easy to get what you want how you want it and where you do cause all that is in your own hands. One can’t stop the clock but the brave ones always find a way of slowing it down…Especially when one needs that time to be alone and think…alone from friends, family, lovers …or anything that might distort the thinking of the human brain. That moment when all you want to think about is yourself only you with no troubles and be free like a bird soaring in the sky…Up there where you feel the sky and wind brushing your shoulders..Comforting you as a mother comforts the kid…As the warmth of the sun feels your skin bright in the morning…oh my! How comforting it feels. You need not to look for that peace far away..It is from within..From your left side of the lungs..Beneath the ribs …if you put your hands on the left side of your chest you will feel the waves moving towards you from the core of the heart where passion flows from. Everything comes from there…From where you feel like it’s you..It comes from within..Every breath you take every step you make depends on what you feel from your heart. You have to believe in yourself and in all you stand for don’t let any man make you feel any lesser than you are…Because you are a believer a strong believer for your cause no matter what it is…Even if it leads you next to downfall but not into have a heart as brave as a lion so why let your dreams be tamed…


They say what breaks heart is love…friendship …family. But what really breaks it is taking away its dream no matter what it is. My dreams are valid they all say…but what are dreams. Dreams are those that make you not to sleep and not those you see in your sleep .Many confuse the two and think they are actually the same thing. But looking at it critically you find that no…the sentence has two meanings…parents or guardians play a key role in nurturing the growth  of either talent or passion….we have to take keen interest in knowing the talent our friends, relatives and anyone who is next to us especially when they are kids their main key interests in life and help them develop a passionate lasting liking towards what they want to do about it . A  child’s life s like a butterfly in your hands…if you squeeze too much it will die. And when moderate pressure is kept upon it it lives….but when the hand is open it will fly in any way it feels like ….I t is onto us to guide them. They are the future generation in the making.